Navigating around your spreadsheet

Navigating around your spreadsheet

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Navigation & Selection

One problem many users find when working with a large amount of data in Excel, is navigating around their data, and making selections.

Here are some shortcuts that can make your life very much easier.

Shift + [arrow key]:
selects each of the cells visited whilst you are holding the shift key.  This is the same as clicking and dragging the cursor.

Ctrl + [arrow key]:
jumps to the last cell in the block of data, in the direction of the arrow (i.e. it stops when it encounters a blank cell in the direction of the arrow).

Ctrl + Shift + [arrow key]:
selects every cell in the block of data in the direction specified by the arrow key.   Extremely useful for selecting a very large amount of cells.

Ctrl + Space:
selects the entire current column.

Shift + Space:
select the entire current row.

moves the active cell to the first cell in the current row.

Ctrl + Home:
moves the active cell to cell „A1“, i.e. the left top-most cell of the current tab of your workbook.

Ctrl + End:
moves the active cell to the right bottom-most corner of the current tab of your workbook (which is filled with data – it does not go beyond the range of actually used cells).

PgUp / PgDown:
moves up/down through the current tab of the workbook, treating the visible part of the workbook as a page and scrolling on a page by page basis.

Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page Down:
Moves left and right through the available tabs of the workbook.